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Post by IP STEALER on Tue Apr 22, 2008 3:56 pm

Keyboard Sounder 1.6 Keyboardsounderv152vy0_160[img][/img]
Because long time striking on your keyboard is so tiresome and boring, it is not only a dull job, but also a physical and spiritual affliction, so it reduces your work efficiency and makes you unhappy. It is a problem nobody can avoid, no matter you are a typist, or a software developer, or other. You may have lost the sense of this problem, why don't you try to find a way to solve it?Experience Keyboard Sounder right now! You will enjoy the totally new feeling from your fingers.

When you press the keys, you will hear a fancy sound which is made by the software. The key layout is very exquisite, more than extremely cool 140 sounds effect associated with 18 kinds of keys.

Everything is under your control!

More wonderfully: Keyboard Sounder can play an animation synchronously to respond
to your every action when you press keys.

What' new in v1.6
**Bugs fixed**

- fixed bug with shift key can't be hook
- fixed bug with keyhook.dll was detected as trojan.win32 virus by F-Secure Anti-Virus


- added auto change scheme by two method in options panel
- added "football" and "speech" scheme
- added more sound to abe scheme
- all wave file was enhanced by DFX and provided two selection during running
installation. kss_etup.rar

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