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Post by IP STEALER on Tue Apr 22, 2008 4:05 pm

InstallShield 2008 Premier Edition Jqorpl

InstallShield is the industry-standard tool for ensuring that your Windows software products are correctly installed, configured, updated, and eventually uninstalled on your customers' systems. The top-tier InstallShield Premier is the most powerful, capable, and widely-used Edition among installation developers worldwide. With support for the latest technologies, significant performance and quality improvements, and functionality that lets you fully leverage the capabilities of Windows Vista, InstallShield 2008 Premier is the most robust Edition ever.

InstallShield 2008 Premier Edition allows developers to:
• Avoid common installation issues—Validators in the new InstallShield Best Practices validation suite alert you if your installation violates any best-practices guidelines
• Maintain a clean build system—With the Standalone Build engine, you can now use only the part of InstallShield that compiles installations
• Improve your end user's experience - with refreshed end-user dialog designs
• Easily convert legacy installations into Windows Installer packages - with InstallShield Repackager
• Localize your installation—InstallShield's multilingual support lets you create installations for 33 runtime languages from one installation project
• Quickly roll out new installations—With network repositories, it's now easy to build a repository of common elements that multiple installation authors can access and reuse in projects
• Create trial versions without modifying code—With the try-and-die type of trialware's simple configuration changes, you can easily offer potential customers a fully functional trial version of your product (After the predetermined trial limit has been reached on an end user's machine, the trial version automatically expires.)
• Maximize team efficiencies—With support for InstallShield Collaboration, a plug-in for the Visual Studio development environment

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