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Post by IP STEALER on Sun Apr 20, 2008 12:38 pm

General Board Rules

1 - No Spamming in any section what so ever.

2 - No abusing other members - such as racial comments ( You will be banned )

3 - Do no bump posts just because your thread has gone old - its not fair on other peoples posts!

4 - Respect all members of staff - listen to their final agreements - do not attempt to argue.

5- Code links no matter where they are on the forums.

6- If you find dead links please report them - do not post in the thread.

7- Search before posting downloads, If its already been posted it may be removed.

8- No advertising through pm's

9- No saying thanks. If u really want to thank a user do so by writing more than a simple thanks.

10- We are an English only forum. Please do not post in other languages.

:!:Your Website & Kool Links

{In this section we allow you to share links and websites that you think we may benefit from and may enjoy. - however if
the site belongs to you these rules follow -

1 - Only 1 advertisement per week [for more than one website you may have.

2 - You may only bump your thread 1 time per week.

:!:When Posting - Make Sure To...

1 - Posts are very clear - Such as descr´ptions and that they are tidy for viewers to read! ( Please try your hardest to provide an image and brief info about the posts! ) If you dont post a descr´ption - You will be told and given 3 days to edit it.
2 - Provide a password if neccessary.

or any other crude scenes which wont pleasure members.

Posting the above will result a Warning // second time a ban.

- If you are posting eg. NOD32 v2.07 and NOD32 v2.01 has already been posted reply to the thread posting the newer build.

- If you are posting eg. NOD32 v3.0 and NOD32 v2.07 has already been posted make a new thread with the new software version and the old one will be removed.

Due to some posts containing 10 Advertising Buttons
-Downloads Posted must not contain more than 2 SMALL discrete Buttons advertising other forums (more will be removed)

:!:Avatars And Signatures!
1 - Avatars must remain 150x150 or smaller - And be 10KB or less in file size.
2 - Signatures (One Image!) no larger than 500x150
3 - You are NOT allowed to SPAM sites in your signatures - Else it will be removed straight away..!! ( Meaning Live Links !!)
4 - No Crude/Naked/Porn images in avatars.

1 - Requests can only be made in the requesting section!
2 - Members MUST have a post count of 10 good posts to request!
3 - Please be sure you search our board before making a request!( A topic may already exist.)
4 - Only 3 requests per week , which 1 is only allowed in one day!

I appreciate the time you took to read the rules.Thank you.

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